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Notice: Lots 36-41 have been removed from this auction

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Lot Lease NameInterest TypeCounty, StateOperatorNet Monthly Income
1LundellRIWebb, TXGHR Energy Corp., Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc.$16.31
1.1LundellRIWebb, TXGHR Energy Corp., Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc.$16.31
1.2LundellRIWebb, TXGHR Energy Corp., Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc.$16.31
1.3LundellRIWebb, TXGHR Energy Corp., Hilcorp Energy Company, Inc.$16.31
2Forrest Lindsay UnitRIWise, TXScout Energy Management LLC$27.25
3Scoop and Stack Sec 1 1N 4WLeaseholdStephens, OK 
4Scoop and Stack Sec 10 7N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
5Scoop and Stack Sec 11 18N 16WLeaseholdDewey, OK 
6Scoop and Stack Sec 12 1S 2WLeaseholdCarter, OK 
7Scoop and Stack Sec 12 5N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
8Laton-GambleORRIRooks, KSCarmen Schmitt, Inc.$44.94
9STSI & SiebenlistORRIScott, Ness KSRed Oak Energy, Inc.$64.22
10Buena Vista & Dixon TrustORRINess, KSTrans Pacific Oil Corp, Palomino Petroleum$87.10
11BartleyORRIHarrison, TXSabine Oil & Gas Corporation$220.98
11.1BartleyORRIHarrison, TXSabine Oil & Gas Corporation$220.98
12LippelmannORRIThomas, KSELK Energy Holdings LLC$560.52
12.1LippelmannORRIThomas, KSELK Energy Holdings LLC$560.52
12.2LippelmannORRIThomas, KSELK Energy Holdings LLC$560.52
13Scoop and Stack Sec 13 6N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
14Scoop and Stack Sec 13 7N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
15Scoop and Stack Sec 14 5N 7WLeaseholdGrady, OK 
16Scoop and Stack Sec 16 1N 2WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
17Scoop and Stack Sec 16 5N 7WLeaseholdGrady, OK 
18OxsheerRIPanola, TXAmplify Energy Operating, LLC$117.93
19RischRIJack, TXTexxol Operating Company, Inc.$40.71
20PerthOperated LeaseSumner, KSMike Kelso Oil, Inc$2,253.31
21DazeyPWIGove,KSViking Resources Inc$204.42
22ShinnPWI&ORRISumner, KSPetroleum Property Services, Inc.$49.81
23Wheatland Unit (King) & Wheatland Unit (Draybec)ORRICleveland, OK Marathon Oil Company$153.70
24Rose 1ORRIRush, KSBlack Stone Petroleum$102.72
25Rose 1RIRush, KSBlack Stone Petroleum$67.77
26Scoop and Stack Sec 3 1N 6WLeaseholdStephens, OK 
27Scoop and Stack Sec 30 2S 2WLeaseholdCarter, OK 
28Scoop and Stack Sec 31 2N 1WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
29Scoop and Stack Sec 33 19N 18WLeaseholdDewey, OK 
30Scoop and Stack Sec 35 3N 6WLeaseholdGrady, OK 
31Koochel MountainORRIRush, KSBlack Stone Petroleum$1,025.46
32MooreORRIRush, KSBlack Stone Petroleum$93.51
33McIntyreORRIRush, KSBlack Stone Petroleum$286.69
34Diamond and DingusRINoble, OHAntero Resources$2,005.33
34.1Diamond and DingusRINoble, OHAntero Resources$2,005.33
35Goodman KORRI Canadian, OKEagle Oil and Gas Company $3.62
36Lot Removed
37Lot Removed
38Lot Removed
39Lot Removed
40Lot Removed 
41Lot Removed 
42D’AstoORRIHarrison, TXSabine Oil & Gas Corporation$209.82
43Gaskill Range Bertrand UnitPWILogan, KSStrataKan Exploration, LLC$94.96
44Stanton Kansas Open MineralsOpen MineralsStanton, KS 
45Luerman WeeksOperated LeaseBarton, KSCurt’s Oil Operations, LLC
46Lawson Mary Moncrief MattieRIGregg, TXBreitburn Operating, LP$105.42
47Beall WoodRIGregg, Rusk TXTrivium Operating, LLC$43.07
48Scoop and Stack Sec 2 1N 2WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
49Scoop and Stack Sec 20 2N 1WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
50Scoop and Stack Sec 21 7N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
51Scoop and Stack Sec 25 7N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
52Scoop and Stack Sec 3 1N 3WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
52.1Hrabe WesthusinOperated LeaseRooks, KSGaro Investment Company
53EggerORRIEllis, KSUnrein Oil Co$309.83
54DavisORRIButler, KSAztec Oil Co. Division$43.33
55Cleveland Arkansas MineralsOpen MineralsCleveland, AR 
56Monroe Arkansas MineralsOpen MineralsMonroe, AR 
57Marple & ThorsellOperated LeaseWilson, KSP&R Oilfield Services$519.17
58Scoop and Stack Sec 36 6N 3WLeaseholdMcClain, OK 
59Scoop and Stack Sec 4 1N 3WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
60Scoop and Stack Sec 6 1N 1WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
61Scoop and Stack Sec 7 1N 1WLeaseholdGarvin, OK 
62Scoop and Stack Sec 8 5N 7WLeaseholdGrady, OK 
63R H Mayer & MantoothRITexas, Garvin OKXTO Energy Inc.$8.11
64CareyRIHaskell, KSScout Energy Management$130.40
65Mace PackageRIHaskell, KSMerit Energy LTD., Oxy USA, Inc.$159.82
66GoadPWIGrady/Canadian,OKWestern Oil and Gas Development$29.41
67Scoop and Stack Sec 31 2N 1WOpen MineralsGarvin, OK 
68Clark, Cooper, Ludwick, Mollhagen, Ross, SiekerPWIVarious, KSCastle Resources, Inc.$970.02
68.1Clark LudwickORRIRice, Sheridan KSCastle Resources, Inc.$55.28
69HarrisonRITexas, OKUnit Petroleum$84.14
70RikellaORRICanadian, OKCitizen Energy II$9.59
71Keller “P”ORRIRooks, KSPaul Bowman Oil Trust$171.72
72Dehner AORRIRush, KSPickrell Drilling Company, Inc.$158.60
73Scoop and Stack Sec 18 2N 5WLeased MineralsStephens, OK 
74Bornemann/CCGVORRICanadian, OKHinkle Oil & Gas Inc$34.38
75Poston WarnerRIHarper, KSTapstone Energy, LLC$6,418.36
76Boswell, Jobyna, Leon, Rowen, SidesPWIRoger Mills, Harper OKRed Rocks, Orca Operating$95.62
76.1SpeierOperated LeaseEllis, KSParadise Creek Oil & Gas Company
77HerlOperated LeaseEllis, KSCurt’s Oil Operations, LLC$841
78Choate 0504 10-HWPWIMcClain, OKEagle Exploration, LLC$333.81
79SeibertOperated LeaseStafford, KSMurfin Drilling Company, Inc.$440
80Ellis Kansas MineralsLeased MineralsEllis, KS 
81K&K 2-31PWIRawlins, KSUrban Oil & Gas Group LLC-$1.25
82K&K 2-31ORRIRawlins, KSUrban Oil & Gas Group LLC$48.75
83Curry 1-32PWIRawlins, KSUrban Oil & Gas Group LLC$82.12
84Forsyth UnitRIBarber, KSDixon Operating Corp$525.87
84.1Forsyth UnitRIBarber, KSDixon Operating Corp$525.87
85BlankORRIRooks, KSC&R Oil$64.77
86Lot Removed
87Blythe, Fincham, Lambert, Miller, Patterson, Schmidt-Connors, Winnie HillOperated LeaseSeward, Haskell KSCSODA Operating Company, LLC dba H&L Operating Company, LLC$7.50
88Calumet-WilsonORRI  $194.61
89Mary 1ORRIStafford, KSThomas Garner Inc.$262.25
89.1Mary 1ORRIStafford, KSThomas Garner Inc.$262.25
90Caswell UnitRIMontague, TXEnervest Operating, LLC, EOG Resources, Inc.$85.42
91BetzORRINess, KSDaMar Resources Inc$46.09
92George RussellORRICanadian, OKEverest Operating LLC$13.62
93HollandORRIGrady, OKTwenty/Twenty Oil & Gas Inc
94Mickie AnneORRICanadian, OKChisholm Oil and Gas Operating, LLC$33.87
95Davis, Jennison, Magie, Petersilie RichardsPWILane, Ness KSVess Oil Corporation$325.34
96Brungardt A & BORRIGraham, KSBeren Corporation$48.89
97WilliamsOperated LeaseStafford, KSTengasco, Inc.$239.15
98MillerOperated LeaseStafford, KSTengasco Inc.-$409.66
99Allen Dorothy UnitRIRobertson, TXCovey Park Operating, LLC$83.47
100J HenryPWICanadian, OKRamsey Nichols Operating Co LLC$416.08
101Deniston PORRIPratt, KSRitchie Exploration Inc.$291.16
102Scoop and Stack Sec 29 2S 4WOpen MineralsStephens, OK 
103Salvaggio-EatonORRIBrazos, TXAnadarko E&P Company LP$10.52
104Guy OaksRIClaiborne, LANeilco$23.50
105Lonker 1GORRIBarber, KSDixon Operating$118.15
106Gove MineralsMineralsGove, KS
107Reno County MineralsMineralsReno, KS
108Arrow C-106 EngineEquipment
109Griffith 3ORRIBarber, KSF.G. Holl Company, LLC $4.17
110Davis X-15ORRIBarber, KSF.G. Holl Company, LLC$1.63
111Lawrenz 10ORRIBarber, KSF.G. Holl Company, LLC$3.17
112DoranPWIStafford, KSWhite Hawk Oil Company, LLP$126
113Morrow 2734HORRIHarper, KSStrataKan Exploration, LLC
113.1Morrow 2734HORRIHarper, KSStrataKan Exploration, LLC

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