Lease Details

Asset TypeCountyStateLegal DescriptionAcres
MineralsEllisKSSE Sec 5 11S 19W153 Leased Acres HBP
7 Leased Acres producing

Seller Comments

This 160 acres are HBP at 1/8 royalty to Murfin on the Kermic Unit.

The Kermic Unit is 40 acres that includes 7.12 acres the quarter section these minerals lie in.

The decimal interest in this unit for this interest will be approximately ~2.25% on the Kermic lease.

That leaves roughly 153 NMA of 160 acres as held and non-producing.

Regarding production, the Kermic Unit produces about 3 BOPD. At $55 oil that’s about $110/mo to the interest (the .0225).