Lease Details


Asset TypeCountyStateLease #OperatorAcresGross BOPDGross MCFD
ORRI RushKS142964 Black Stone Petroleum1605.180
ORRI Net Income (13mo)

Wells Details

Well Name API Legal Description Well Type CompletionZone
McIntyre 15-165-21979SE Sec 27 18S 16WOil06/2012Reagan

Seller Comments

2 additional locations seismically located that are superior or equal to the McIntyre #3 that has produced 30,000+ bbls. Also shallow gas opportunities identified by open hole logging. Wells are part of a successful, ongoing secondary recovery program. All wells put on pump with virgin reservoir pressure and due to secondary recovery, they have maintained pressures which have been verified by fluid levels.
The Otis-Albert Field is famous for its helium production and there is helium being extracted and sold to IACX on a monthly basis from nearby wells.