Lease Details


CountyStateLease #OperatorAcresGross BWPDGross MCFD
HaskellKS203219CSODA Operating Company, LLC dba H&L Operating Company, LLC6400.59
Legal DescriptionGWINRIGross Income (4mo)Gross Expense (4mo)Net Income (4mo)
Sec 29 30S 31W100%87.5%$0$50-$50


Well NameWell TypeProducing FormationAPICompletionZone
#1GasHugoton-Chase15-081-20072 10/1975Chase Group
Surface CasingProduction CasingTubingRodsPumpPumping Unit
10 3/4″ to 700′7″ to 2,629′NANANANA


Excludes SI Royalty Payment of $640 (2 yr payment)Patterson 1-28 produced 338 MCF/mo average (Jan-Mar 2016) before being shut-in in April 2016 for low commodity prices.