Lease Details


CountyStateLease #OperatorAcresGross BWPDGross MCFD
StaffordKS209466Murfin Drilling Company, Inc.160130
Legal DescriptionGWINRIGross Income (12mo)Gross Expense (12mo)Net Income (12mo)
SE Sec 21 24S 15W93.75%75%$14,600$9,320$5,280


Well NameWell TypeProducing FormationAPICompletionCumulative Gas Production
#1GasMississippi/Kinderhook (4156-4210)10/6/751,212,500 mcf
Surface CasingProduction CasingTubingRodsPumpPumping UnitTank BatterySeparator Treater
8 5/8″ to 543′4 1/2″. 10.5 lb/ft to 4495′1 1/2″ J55, 2.9 lb/ft, (2) jts 2 3/8″, packer at 4140NANANA200 bbl fiberglass water tank2 x 10 separator manufactured 2006

Seller Comments

Income information is for 100% GWI.

Producing under a packer due to a hole in the casing.