Lease Details

Asset TypeCountyStateLease #OperatorAcresLegal Description
Term RoyaltyKarnesTXMarathon Oil EF LLCAppx. 2/3 acre50.51 acres of the Karnes County School Land survey A. 168
Gross BOPDGross MCFDNet Income (5mo)

Lease Comments

20 year term royalty expiring on April 13, 2032 (approx 12.75 years from now). Term royalty assignment available under ‘files’.

Seller received a non participating royalty interest in subject property only for and limited to a term of 20 years commencing 12:00 pm April 14, 2012 and so long thereafter as oil and gas is being produced.   The seller is conveying all right title and interest as received.    Sellers source deed can be found in data room.  

4225535680, 4225532614, 4225535642, 4225535643, 4225535644, 4225535645, 4225535734