Lease Details

Asset TypeCountyStateAPI#OperatorAcresLegal Description
Operated LeaseCheyenneCO05-017-07349Murfin Drilling Company, Inc.8038.880594° -102.300182°
SE NE Sec 35 13S 44W 6 PM
Gross Income (12mo)Gross Expense (12mo)Net Income (12mo)

Well Details

Well NumberProducing FormationSpud DateCompletion DateGross BOPDGross MCFDGross BBL H2O/Day
UPRC 1-35Salis12/3/921/21/934.5N/A500
Cumulative Oil ProductionSurface CasingProduction casingTubingRodsPumpPumping UNitEngineTank BatterySeparator Treater
141,0008 5/8″ to 353′5 1/2″, 15# to 5365′2 7/8″ to 2506′(89) 3/4″,
(10) 7/8″
2 1/4″ tubing pump @ 2506′CMI 320-213-8640 hp electric(3) 300bbl steel stock tanks
(1) FG gun barrel
(2) FG water tanks

Lease Comments

15 hp centrifugal salt water transfer pump.
Salt water pumped via flowline to Mull Drilling’s Pelton Heirs C-1 SWD well 4150′ to the NW. Salt water disposal agreement transferable.
Two of the steel stock tanks have holes.
Only one water tank is in use

Well is being “skimmed”, i.e. pump is set high in well bore. Pump could be lowered.

There were two WIO (0.085 WI) that did not consent to sell their WI.